Solving problems and Improving Bottom Lines

Rey FIgueroa

Not Just an Accountant but a Problem Solver

Rey Figueroa

30 years of experience successfully tackling and solving complex business issues from inventory management to costing systems to project management and stuff in between

Unique Business Consulting

I don't use "best practices", canned systems, or pre-written procedures. We partner with you, understand your story, define the real problem and help build a customized business solution.

Documented Procedures with Hands On Training

We document every process, report, and procedure. Provide hands on training and support to your team during the solution process and after we leave.


Each business is unique and has unique needs. You don't need new systems, employees, or tools to improve. We help you maximize your existing tools, staff, and processes to improve your employee retention, customer satisfaction and your Bottom Line.

The approach

We can take your business to the next level

Our Services
We partner with you and immerse ourselves in your culture and business. We seek to understand what makes your company tick and where you are experiencing less than stellar performance. We help define the real issue and solve that issue.
Strategic Planning
The ultimate outcome of our services is consistent improvement in people performance, processes, and profits. We aim holistically improve your business so all areas are thriving and profitable.
Big Picture
We help you articulate the big picture, your goals and dreams then bring that vision into the solutions crafted. It is our belief that your story is unique, should be loudly spoken, and part or your team's vocabulary, One goal, one voice, one outcome.

Don’t procrastinate--get on the path to success today!

With more than 30 years of experience, we can deliver solutions for your business that will work and improve your Bottom Line.

From start- ups to established businesses, we can help a variety of businesses and provide customized solutions to meet your exact needs.

As a member of SOL of Humanity, we also help to create a more fulfilling and satisfying work environment for your team and attract the best talent to your organization.


We can take your business to new heights

30 Years

Business Experience


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What we do

How we help your business thrive

System Education, Training, and Development
Variance Analysis Development
Cost Accounting
Operations Reporting
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