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Over 30 years of experience
Shared passion for your goals
Devotion to efficiency

Today is a good day to improve your business model

I help businesses solve problems using forward-thinking business solutions that utilize your existing people, processes, and systems respecting the foundation of what makes your business unique.

Gain control of your business

Explore various routes to success

Utilize Existing technology to it's full capability

Respect your unique story and business practices

Listen to your customers, leaders, and workers collecting feedback to help you look in the mirror


My process is straight-forward and proven.

Getting to know your business

I immerse myself in your business working alongside the workers in your most troubling areas of concern. I get to know your products, people, and process. Define the problem and why is it happening.



Determining proper course of action

Once the problem is defined we set about on crafting a solution utilizing your existing people, processes, and systems.

Creating a strategic plan

We learn to maximize the use of your systems, we craft new processes that are more efficient and aligned with the skills of your workers.



Putting your plan into action

With an improved process, renewed system understanding, and worker skill assessment, we set about training your team.

Dedication to improvement

We don't leave you high and dry once we complete the training and set the processes in place; we will follow up and monitor the situation to insure there is steady improvement and no recurrence of the original problem. You will always have our support to insure the solution is successful.


Why Bottom Line Business Consulting

My name is Rey Figueroa, CEO, Founder, and Brainstormer of Bottom Line Business Consulting. My passion is to serve and help you build the best business for you. I don’t use any off the shelf product, I am not wedded to any business system, and I don’t care what your industry best practices are. I partner with you to understand you, your passions, your vision, and the why’s of your business. From there, we explore the challenges you are facing and come up with solutions that you can implement, develop, understand, and improve long after BLBC leaves.

We believe that humanity exists in business, and we should not ignore this most important component. Your story needs to be told, and your business should tell your story. We help develop your story throughout the sale to delivery process so that every process, procedure, report, and system are a reflection of you and your brand — a unique approach where people matter as much as the product. Your Bottom Line is much more than a dollar amount on a report; this is what BLBC helps to bring out.

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This was the help I needed. I can't recommend this enough. Nonetheless, I needed help with the cost of charging my clients. I got more than enough information from Rey.

Sharif York| Founder of Ecowey


I really appreciate the financial help Rey gave me. I didn't realize I could've been making so much more yet I never priced my work correctly.

Jone Blaze | Business owner