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Challenge Your Overachiever

December 26, 2019

Challenge Your Overachiever

Do you have overachievers that work for you? Do you know how to spot them? Do you have workers that consistently turn in work ahead of deadlines, are so well organized and efficient they actually run out of work to do, are always volunteering for work no one else is willing to do or have a work ethic that most find daunting even impossible to maintain? If you answer yes to any of these questions then it is very likely you have the privilege of having an overachiever on your staff.

The overachiever craves challenging work and needs to be pushed or they will get bored with work. Overachievers also love to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work and achievements, lack of reward and recognition will push them away and disengage them. The true overachievers are a rare find and will stand apart from the rest of the workers when it comes to accomplishing work. They are great team players and are willing to take on a task (large or small) to help the company succeed. The overachiever is usually 3 steps ahead of most people, including their supervisors, and can see pitfalls well before others can. Listen to them!!!

The majority of workers strive to stay in the middle of the pack. Succeeding but not standing out, flying under the radar, keeping to their work and not straying “outside the lines”. You can see this in your own workplace. The majority of average workers “coffee clutch” constantly, spend work time on social media, or engage in hours of non-business conversations.Funny thing is that all businesses need and thrive with this middle of the pack worker. The overachiever stands out because he is usually working on something while all these activities are going on. This makes them stand out and can create resentment among his peers because of the perception that “they think they are better than us”. Business leaders will do well to recognize the overachiever and mediate any tensions created by misguided feelings from others. Leaders also need to manage the overachiever so that they mesh well with the group and provide maximum benefit to the company.

If you have the privilege of having an overachiever on your staff you should:

1.      Challenge the overachiever – push their limits

2.      Reward and recognize the overachiever

3.      As the leader, work on integrating the overachiever with the rest of the workforce

Overachievers are outstanding assets that can bring a level of intensity, get it done, think out of the box attitude that will help your company succeed.

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