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Business Lessons from an Uneducated Cuban Immigrant - Intro

December 26, 2019

Part 1 –Introduction

I decided to attempt to write a book after looking back at my life and evaluating where I am at in my mid-fifties. Most people would call me successful but I simply consider myself a survivor. Yes, I have a nice home,plenty of food, can pay my bills (barely), and have relatively new cars. Still I do not consider myself successful. Why??

I started thinking about who is the most successful person I know? Who do I aspire to be like? I have plenty of friends who have large homes on large properties. Some have horses, others have livestock, some live on golf courses, and some have boats. Yet, I don’t want to emulate any of these dear,respected friends. Why? Quite simply, they are not the most successful person I know.

The most successful person I know can buy houses and cars for cash, has zero debt, always has some income coming in yet owns no stocks,fancy cars, huge mansions, or expensive clothes. This man came from Cuba in 1963 with a 6th grade education, has been his own boss for over 50 years, ran small businesses that highly regarded business college graduates(like me) would not work in, and put 2 sons through college cash.

This man is my father. As he nears the end of his life and I approach the latter half of mine, I wanted to take a moment to look back on the lessons my father taught me but took so long to sink in. Business lessons that proved to be very successful yet did not come from the halls of some esteemed University. Rather, they came from an Uneducated Cuban Immigrant with only a 6th grade education.

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